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There are several ways to support our mission:

Donate:  You can give a tax deductible gift directly to us online via paypal or send it to us payable to: Marrow Man Inc. 324 Edwards St Monroe GA 30655

Buy:  Marrow Man has partnered with Smack Yo Mama handmade gourmet BBQ sauce to create Marrow Man: Bone Cleaning Sauce

It is a Georgia region inspired vinegar based sauce kissed with the heat of the Deep South.  You can purchase our sauce in select stores or  online at 60% of the profit goes to Marrow Man, Inc. 

Who is Marrow Man?

 Real Name: Vitus

 Occupation: Juvenile Officer for Tellus County Sheriff’s Office/National Guard Solider

 Strength: Super Human Bone Marrow allows him to have super human endurance from a abnormally high hemoglobin, has almost instant healing from abnormally high platelets and is immune to cancer and other diseases due to his super human immune system.

 Back story: As a kid he had Fanconi Anemia -- a very rare blood disorder.  Doctors were unable to diagnosis him until he was a young solider in the National Guard.  He was injured in Afghanistan when a suicide bomber invaded the camp he was working in.  He was unable to heal from his injuries when they discovered his Fanconi.  He had to take a medical discharge from the military and undergo a bone Marrow transplant.  Dr. Eisen was a research scientist working with Plasma Genetics and had discovered a new bone marrow drug called protein 31. Vitus agreed to allow Dr. Eisen to try the drug on him during his transplant. The drug caused overproduction of Vitus’s bone marrow causing him to possess superhuman abilities. Dr. Eisen obsessed with Vitus’s ability wanted it for himself.  He began self experiments with the drug which resulted in super human ability only with constant blood transfusions.  He is so obsessed with gaining more power he uses all types of blood diseases and cancer to steal other peoples blood to infuse himself and becomes Blood Venom.

Vitus determined to stop him and get Protein 31 to cure all blood diseases, becomes Marrow Man.


Why Marrow Man?

Marrow Man is a fictional superhero inspired by our 8 year old Son Trevor, who has Fanconi Anemia, and his police officer father’s love of comics.  After our initial shock of such a diagnosis we started looking for a way to accomplish several goals:  

 1.       An educational tool for Trevor to use with his peers.  A way for him to educate them on his disease and not seem strange or scary

 2.       A way to educate the general public about childhood blood diseases and the National Bone Marrow Registry.

 3.       Create a campaign for all families with bone marrow diagnoses. We wanted to pay forward all of the incredible acts of             kindness being given to us through our amazing support system of community, friends and family.

 4.       Bring back his smile and inspire smiles on the faces of other children

What is the Marrow Man Campaign?
One of the main goals of our organization is to provide our printed materials, comics and posters to children and their families who are undergoing treatment for bone Marrow related diagnosis through Children’s hospitals across the United States.  In this our purpose is simple; to put a smile on their face and foster hope through a super hero who is fighting just for them.  Currently we are working with Children’s Health Care of Atlanta and Cincinnati Children’s hospital

We also aim to use our comics and posters to get Marrow Man’s story out to the general public in order to educate people between the ages of 18-44 about being a bone marrow donor through the National Bone Marrow Registry or Be the Match.

We want to support families in their own efforts of fundraising and education in their communities by providing guidance and customizable Marrow Man materials for use in their own campaign.
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